$2 Million Child Car Accident Success Story

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Learn about a recent $2 million child car accident success story handled by one of our Buffalo injury lawyers Friedman & Ranzenhofer P.C. in this educational video.

A good friend of mine had come to us, and she knew that we were lawyers, and we had never handled any cases for her. She told us that her granddaughter was very, very seriously injured, but there was a catch involved. The catch was that her granddaughter was a passenger in a car driven by her own son. That certainly presented complications in this particular case because the way that the accident happened is the dad and his daughter were driving down the road. There were some cars parked on the side of the road for a garage sale, and the dad moved to the left to make sure that he didn’t hit any of these cars on the side of the road and was involved in a head-on collision with a car coming in the other direction.

This young girl, four years old, was the apple of the grandmother’s eye. This little girl could do no wrong. She was the love of her life, and she sustained a serious brain injury and was going through not only surgical procedures but a lot of a physical therapy, and speech therapy, and occupational therapy. She was falling behind in school and not developing like the rest of her classmates, and she too had been to some of the experienced law firms in the area, who she thought of first, and they said well look, the little girl was in her father’s car, and the father crossed over into the other lane of traffic, and had a head-on collision with another vehicle, so there wasn’t a lot that could be done for her.

I will mention that they had a very minimal policy. The little girl was able to get a very small settlement against the insurance company for the dad, but it was very minimal. This girl has some really traumatic injuries and some very big medical expenses. I told her we would take a look at it, and we did some investigation, and what we found is that these cars that were parked on the side of the road – there was one car in particular – was over the shoulder and into the roadway, so the dad couldn’t just continue to drive in his lane, but because this car was over the shoulder of the road had to move over into the oncoming lane of traffic.

We were able to develop that theory, and we ended up with a settlement for this little girl who was four at the time, which over time was close to $2 million for the injuries that she is going to sustain. This is after she was told that the only thing they could do for her was this very minimal settlement against dad’s insurance company, but when you peel back the onion, and you take a look at the actual facts of the case, we were able to develop a strategy and a theory, which really protected this young woman for life in terms of any future medical treatment that she’s going to need, any future college expenses or educational expenses that she’s going to incur, so again, nothing ever replaces your health when you’re in an accident but if you can get the protection for your child, or in this case, your grandchild, so that they can have the medical expenses protected, they know their expenses are going to be covered in the future, that’s a very, very good result for any young child.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, one of our experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyers.

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