Defective Product Injury Success Story

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In this video, our dedicated Buffalo injury lawyer outlines a recent defective product injury case success story that our firm has handled.

I had a gentleman who came in to see us. He was a great outdoorsman and liked to go snowmobiling and ATVing out in the country. He like to do this with his boys. He had a very sedentary job, so he really looked forward to being able to get out in the country.

He had purchased for his vehicle these ramps where you could ride your snowmobile or your ATV up the ramps and into the vehicle onto the flatbed part of the vehicle. Inevitably, what happens in these types of cases is he’s moving his vehicle up the ramp, and one of the ramps snaps. Obviously, he falls off, sustains a very, very serious back injury.

The challenging part about this case is he had had a lot of prior back problems. The second thing is they said that because of his weight, he was severely overweight, they said well, somebody of your weight shouldn’t be riding a heavy vehicle up and down these ramps to begin with. We went back, and we did the research. We were able to hire an expert who was very familiar with this type of ramp and the load capacity. We were able to show that it really didn’t matter, in this particular case, what his weight was.

We were also able to show that notwithstanding his prior back problems that the type of back injury he sustained here and the type of surgery he required in this case was really unrelated and not related to any of his prior back problems. Again, this individual was very happy. We got him close to a couple hundred thousand dollars. It was a very, very tough case, very, very tenaciously litigated by both sides.

At the end of the day, your case is as good as your evidence. We were able to obtain good evidence to use in his favor, both in terms of what the ramp should have been capable of sustaining in terms of a weight load but equally as important the fact that his new back injury really was not related to any prior problems. We had a very successful result for him, and he was very happy.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyer.

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