Car Accident Success Story

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Our dedicated buffalo injury lawyer outlines a recent car accident success story handled by the firm in this educational video.

]A gentleman from a neighboring county came in to see us about a motor vehicle accident that he had had in Batavia, in Genesee County. This guy was a tough as nails guy, has been in the military and worked at the Air Force base for many, many years. He was in this accident, and he did not think that anything was wrong with him. Well, unfortunately, we’re not indestructible, and as he was getting his treatment with chiropractors and physical therapists, very conservative treatment was not solving his problem. Unfortunately for him, he had to undergo neck surgery, which was a very, very serious type of invasive procedure that he had to endure. Up to that point in time, he really had not thought about bringing a claim or bringing a lawsuit because this was Mr. Indestructible, and he was going to get through it, but after his surgery, he came in to see us.
As often happens in these cases and has happened with this particular case, they took the position that this was a case where the contact, and the collision was just minimal, and there’s no way in the world that he could have sustained this injury, and that this surgery could have been due to this particular collision. Well, we were able to prevail upon the insurance company by showing them photographs and talking about the type of impact that occurred, that in fact, these injuries were caused by this accident, and even though he had had prior neck problems and prior neck treatment, that nothing was ever as serious and as bad as it was right now, and not to the extent that he would require surgery.

For him, we were able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for his treatment, for the pain and suffering that he had to endure. Again, this was a gentleman who was Mr. Indestructible, thought that he would never have to get any medical treatment, that he would not need lawyers, but at the end of the day, he was smiling. He was glad that he came in to see us because we were able to protect his legal rights and get him the type of recovery that he was entitled to, based on his injuries and based on the way that the accident happened.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyer.

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