Unpleasant Landlord Scenarios

Unpleasant Landlord ScenariosIf you are a landlord, you probably have a long list of unpleasant situations that you’ve gotten into because of the nature of your job. These unpleasant landlord scenarios can leave you wondering what to do. Meeting with an experienced attorney can prove to be very beneficial.

Unpleasant Landlord Scenarios | Emotional Assistance for Pets

As a Buffalo Landlord Tenant Attorney, I often get questions as to whether or not a landlord is required to rent to a tenant who has an emotional assistance pet, even though the landlord may have a no pets provision. Refusal to rent to a tenant with an emotional assistance pet can result in discrimination charges if the tenant has a note from a doctor or a therapist saying that they need that animal for their emotional assistance. This is different than a service dog that requires special training.

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Unpleasant Landlord Scenarios | Evicting Tenants

As a Buffalo Landlord Tenant Attorney, I often get questions from landlords as to how to evict their tenants for nonpayment of rent. It’s important to know that the tenant must be properly served with a nonpayment notice. The time period is in the lease, so I need to see the lease first, and the three-day notice has to be properly served before we can start the eviction preceding.

Unpleasant Landlord Scenarios | What to Do if your Tenant Dies

I am often asked what to do if a tenant dies. First off, you should not grant access to the apartment to anyone unless they provide a certificate from the court that they are an administrator of the estate, executor of the estate, or the county public administrator. Secondly, you can file a claim against the estate if an executor or an administrator is appointed to recover your lost rent and damages to the apartment.

If you are stuck in one of these unpleasant landlord scenarios, please call our office today to meet with one of our experienced Buffalo landlord attorneys.

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