Charged With a Crime? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Were you charged with a crime? Don’t make these mistakes to ruin your criminal defense claim. Contact our Buffalo lawyers to get started now.

Steps in a Criminal Case

  • Charged With a Crime Don't Make These MistakesCriminal prosecution follows four basic steps.
  • Arraignment is when a defendant is brought before the judge and assigned an attorney. The defendant’s charges are read and a plea is entered and a plea of guilty will result in the defendant being scheduled for sentencing.
  • Submission of pretrial motions and discovery requests is next in the defense process.
  • The trial may be with or without a jury and, if found guilty, the defendant is sentenced.
  • Plea bargaining may take place at various points in the proceedings, and most cases are disposed of by plea bargaining.

Rights of the Crime Victim

  • The courts are obligated to keep a victim advised of the progress of the case, including arraignment, the defendant’s release from custody, pretrial motions, the trial, sentencing, and parole.
  • Victims may also provide a statement during the sentencing phase.
  • Keep in touch with the court and prosecutor stay abreast of the case’s status.
  • A crime victim may also have the right to an order of protection during and following the trial.
  • Restitution may recover loss of property and wages.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction on Employment

  • In New York, more than 100 jobs require a license or registration which could be impacted by a conviction.
  • A certificate of relief from disabilities, or a certificate of good conduct may help protect your employment status.
  • If you are charged with driving while intoxicated, you will not be able to retain a commercial driver’s license.
  • We will describe how a criminal conviction may impact your license in certain areas.

Were you charged with a crime? Don’t make these mistakes to ruin your criminal defense claim. Contact our experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorneys to schedule your legal consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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