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Child Guardian Injury Case

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A lot of folks have been to us and were pursuing the claim for their child, and we tell them that they have to have a guardian appointed. They look at us in astonishment. They say well, I’m the parent. Why do we have to have a guardian appointed?

Under New York State law, a child is a child and is not allowed to bring a claim in their own right. It has to be brought by an adult. Normally, it’s their mom or dad. There is a formal process that we have to go through. That person has to be officially designated by the court to serve as the guardian for the specific purposes of filing and bringing that claim on behalf of the child.

It really is for the protection of the child so the insurance company or others cannot take advantage of the child. You need to get an adult involved. That’s the reasoning behind having to appoint a guardian, normally it’s the mom or dad, to be able to pursue this claim on behalf of your child.

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If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, our Lawyers understand that this is a difficult time for you.  Contact one of our Buffalo Child Injury Lawyers to fight for your child’s full recovery.

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