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Who Can File a Child Injury Claim?

Do you have questions about who can file a child injury claim? Our Buffalo injury attorney explains in the following educational video.

A lot of times when we’re out in the community with friends and neighbors who have kids like me, they ask what happens if their kid is injured or they’ll tell me a story about their kid being injured. They want to know can they bring a claim. The answer is yes. If your child is injured through someone else’s negligence, they have the same rights to bring a claim as anybody else. The same principles of law apply.

If somebody is injured, whether seriously or a little less seriously, it certainly needs to be investigated, certainly need to come in and see us to find out what your legal rights are and, more importantly, what the legal rights of your child are and to make sure you comply with all the time requirements that are set in New York State law.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Injury Attorney.

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