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What If You Can’t Afford A Child Injury Attorney?

Dedicated child injury attorney Michael Ranzenhofer explains why you shouldn’t worry about being able to afford a child injury attorney in this educational video.

A lot of parents, friends, and neighbors come in, and they’re very reluctant to bring a claim on behalf of their child because they’re struggling to make ends meet, and they really don’t have enough monies to come in and pay a lawyer. I say well, that’s good news because all of these cases are handled on a contingency basis, and what that means is that unless and until we retain a recovery for your child, there are no attorney’s fees. The only time there will be an attorney’s fee is after a successful conclusion of the case, either by settlement or if the case goes to trial.

Never does the child have to lay out any money for the attorney’s fees. Those are taken care of at the end of the case, after there’s been a successful conclusion, and no fees can be paid unless they’re approved by the court. Court has very, very strong powers in overseeing cases involving children, both involving the amount of the settlement and the payment of the attorney’s fees and other out of pocket expenses, so I tell folks that come in to see me not to worry because there’s no up-front outlay of any money for them, and at the end there’s a lot of protection for their child in that everything has to be approved by the court.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Child Injury Attorney.

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