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Child Sports Injuries

Was your child injured playing sports? Buffalo injury attorney explains your rights with child sports injuries in this educational video. Contact us today for guidance.

A lot of people come in, especially during the summer and winter months, when their kids are involved in sporting activities, and they tell us that their child has been injured. They want to know what to do. We had a case actually not too long ago where a mother could not find another law firm to handle her daughter’s case. Her daughter had been injured during a cheerleading competition and very, very seriously injured. She had five knee surgeries, and nobody would touch her case because they’re very, very difficult.

I told her that we would handle her case, and we, actually, over a long period of time got a very, very great result for her daughter. What I tell people is that these are difficult cases, but even though they’re challenging, if you are tenacious and you are persistent, we can still have a good outcome for your child. It’s important to get in and to document what happened and if there is equipment involved to make sure that that equipment is either photographed or examined because as time goes by, the evidence disappears. It’s very important for these athletic cases to get in early to make sure we can protect your child’s rights.

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