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Child Injured At School

Was your child injured at school? Our dedicated Buffalo child injury lawyer explains your rights in this educational legal video.

Other than children being hurt in motor vehicle accidents, which we have developed quite a bit of expertise, probably the next most common area where clients come in to see us is when their child has been injured at school on the playground or in the classroom when supervision has not been up to par. One of the things that we tell these particular folks is that in these cases time is very, very important because when you’re dealing with a school, although the school may know about it, you have to formally and legally put them on notice of a number of different things: the fact that your child has been injured, how the injury took place, what the child’s injury was, and the type of care and treatment that they’re getting. Unlike a motor vehicle case where, under the law, you may have a little bit more time, when you’re dealing with your child injured on the playground or somewhere in the classroom at school, it’s very important to come in to see us or another attorney very early to make sure that you’re complying with all the notice provisions that are required under New York State law.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Child Injury Lawyer.

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