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Defective Bicycle Injury Cases

Injury from a Broken Bike Weld

Defective bicycle injury cases can provide compensation for those injured due to a defective product. Our Buffalo Injury Lawyer explains in this educational video.

A lot of people come and see us – and actually we had a case like this not too long ago where there was a defective product, and it injured the child. What I tell these folks that come in to see us is you need to have either our firm or another very experienced personal injury law firm who is not only experienced in dealing with children’s cases but also very experienced in dealing with products cases – that is, when there’s some defect in the product, for instance a weld on a bicycle breaks, and the child falls off and breaks his leg. That’s happened to my own son many years ago. You really need the experience of, number one, how do you deal with children and their cases, but equally as important is someone who is experienced in dealing, and filing claims, and negotiating claims with companies that manufacture products that might be defective. It really is a very different type of case. You need that very specialized type of experience to be able to deal with defective product cases.

This educational video was brought to you by Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyer.

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