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Investing Your Child’s Injury Compensation

Do you have questions about investing your child’s injury compensation settlement? Learn more by watching this educational video by our experienced Buffalo Attorney.

A lot of people come in and either in the beginning of their case or as we’re through the case, they want to know what happens at the end of the case? How do we protect my client’s settlement funds? How do we invest in college? What I tell them is anything that we do has to be sanctioned and approved by the court. Neither of the insurance companies, the lawyers, the parents can dictate what happens.

Once that settlement is reached, there is a lot of choices that a parent can make, again, with the necessary approval of the court, to make the proper investment. All the investments are monitored and approved by the court to make sure that that money there for your child and is only there for your child. It can’t be used for other household expenses or for the benefit of other children or the parents. There is a lot that can be done to make sure that those funds are there when the child is going off to college so that the child could attend college with the settlement funds that they received through their injury case.

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